13 July 2024 / 19:14 RU

    Armenia parliament speaker not ruling out signing of peace treaty with Azerbaijan in Granada

    Personally, I think that we are very close and have a historic opportunity to sign a peace treaty, and I want to say that the opening of these roads is a priority for us, and Armenia is open to provide a road and even a railway. Speaker Alen Simonyan of the National Assembly said this on the air of the Public TV Company of Armenia

    "We would very much like to take a step forward in Granada [where the Armenian PM and the Azerbaijani president are scheduled to meet], to use the historical chance; eternal war does not help anyone," said Simonyan.

    He reminded that with the participation of European Council President Charles Michel on June 15, it was recorded that Armenia and Azerbaijan recognized each other's territorial integrity, the processes will take place on the basis of the Alma-Ata agreement, and the opening of regional communications is based on the preservation of the countries' sovereignty, which can be the basis for reaching an agreement.


    25 September 2023 / 10:54