09 December 2023 / 08:06 RU

    U.S. accuses Turkey, Georgia and Armenia of helping Russia

    Western exports of key microchips and electronics to Russia are back to pre-sanction levels, sanctions coordinator at the U.S. State Department Jim O’Brien said, referring to chips, processors and integrated circuits key to making modern weapons.

    According to him, a number of countries, including post-Soviet ones, are helping Russia in circumvention of the sanctions.

    The top U.S. official said that European companies are selling electronics to other countries, which in turn resell the materials to Russia.

    O’Brien said that the U.S. has identified issues with five countries in particular: Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Armenia and Kazakhstan.


    Source - vestikavkaza.ru


    08 June 2023 / 13:53