24 May 2024 / 18:34 RU

    Security agency in Ukraine prevents provocations of pro-Russian forces in Odesa

    The SBU Security Service of Ukraine has prevented an attempt of pro-Russian movement to organize provocations in Odesa on May 2, the anniversary of the tragic events at Kulykove Field in 2014.

    The law enforcers have established that perpetrators had been plotting to distribute flyers with calls to create the so-called "Novorossia Republic" and to overthrow the Ukrainian government, the SBU press center said, according to UNIAN.

    According to plan, such actions should have created for Russian propagandists an informational pretext for discrediting Ukraine in the international arena.

    During raids, SBU operatives revealed massive amounts of print with anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

    Flyers contained an altered map of Ukraine, dissected into a quasi-republic "Novorossia" and "Bandera's Ukraine", stickers with inscriptions "Odesa – Russian City" and "Odesa – Novorossia", paraphernalia with propaganda of the totalitarian regime, a "Novorossia" newspaper, and other banned goods.

    The investigation is underway initiated under Part 2 of Article 110, Part 1 of Article 109, Part 1 of Article 14 and Part 1 of Article 294 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.


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