18 April 2024 / 08:10 RU

    Analyst: The West doesn't care about Armenia

    The West wants Armenia and Azerbaijan to sign a peace treaty as soon as possible and Armenia's territorial losses do not matter to it, Yerevan-based analyst Karen Bekaryan claims.

    “The West’s motives are crystal clear: it seeks to minimize Russia's influence in the region, if possible, to reduce it to zero,” he told 168 TV on Wednesday. “It requires the end of the regional conflict. The West doesn’t care about its consequences."

    “At the next stage, the West will set a task for Armenia not to have any disputes with Turkey. We will end up in a tougher situation than the current one due to coercion from Turkey. After all, among other things, unlike Azerbaijan, Turkey is a NATO member and its main regional partner," Bekaryan said.

    To the remark that then Armenia will simply cease to exist, the analyst stated: "The West is not concerned about it. These people are promoting their interests only."


    28 March 2024 / 14:00