29 May 2024 / 06:30 RU

    Armenia FM: Ultimate goal not materialized yet in relations with Turkey


    "First, on January 6, the Turkish side informed that the previous bans on conducting direct air cargo transportation between the two countries have been lifted.

    Then, after the devastating earthquake that occurred in Turkey, Armenia responded on February 8, 2023; we sent a rescue squad, humanitarian aid. Our squad was sent to the Turkish city of Adiyaman. It was very symbolic that the humanitarian aid, with seven trucks, crossed the Armenian-Turkish border through the Margara bridge and went to the disaster zone.

    On the same occasion, I myself visited Turkey—[the capital] Ankara, a private conversation between the foreign ministers of Armenia and Turkey was held, and then—an extended meeting. I also went to Adiyaman, where I met our search and rescue team," said Mirzoyan.

    The Armenian FM noted that during this visit, an agreement was reached to partially open the Armenian-Turkish border for citizens of third countries, as well as for diplomatic passport holders.

    "Unfortunately, this partial opening has not been implemented to this day. Also, we reached an agreement on the joint repair of the Ani bridge [between Armenia and Turkey]," he added.

    Ararat Mirzoyan highlighted relations with the Turkish society as well.

    "Often, the notions about Armenia and the policies adopted by Armenia in the Turkish society do not correspond to the reality at all. It is important to present our positions, perceptions to both Turkish colleagues and Turkish society," the Armenian FM concluded.


    15 March 2024 / 14:58