22 April 2024 / 22:40 RU

    Ex-ambassador: Armenian FM marks Diplomat's Day in Turkey

    Armenia marks the Diplomat’s Day and the 32nd anniversary of the country’s accession to the UN on March 2.

    Former Armenian Ambassador to Poland Edgar Ghazaryan took to social media to mark the day. Ghazaryan highlighted that he was appointed Armenia’s ambassador to Poland in 2014 and received the Armenian National Assembly Medal of Honor on Diplomat's Day in 2017.

    “In 2018 the Armenian president awarded me the highest diplomatic rank of Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Armenia,” he wrote on Facebook.

    Ghazaryan accused the Armenian leadership of turning this “beautiful and symbolic holiday into a remembrance day, during which Armenian diplomats can only recall their memories of the Armenian diplomacy achievements.”

    “Incidentally, the Armenian foreign minister marks Diplomat's Day in Turkey in 2024,” the activist added.


    04 March 2024 / 12:06