22 April 2024 / 22:43 RU

    Armenian defense minister warns of risk of Azerbaijani attack

    Armenia seeks to renew and modernize its armed forces and defense capabilities, Defense Minister Suren Papikyan said at a joint press conference with his French counterpart Sébastien Lecornu in Yerevan on Friday.

    He says Armenia needs to use its own resources to meet the needs of the army, adding “the support of partner countries, including European ones, would only help us.”

    "We adhere to the following approach: Armenia’s purchases of arms and military equipment are aimed at protecting it territorial integrity and sovereignty. They are not meant for aggression against any country," Papikyan stressed.

    The Armenian defense minister warned of a risk of an Azerbaijani attack, citing the bellicose rhetoric of the country’s leaders.

    “Our duty is to protect our territorial integrity and sovereignty. Regardless of what kind of security environment we will have after signing a peace treaty with Azerbaijan, the Armenian armed forces will continue to acquire defense weapons. The agreements signed today are exactly about that," Papikyan noted.


    23 February 2024 / 15:08