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    Ukraine's Foreign Minister: We need to start thinking about Ukrainian-Polish alliance within EU now

    Ukrayinska Pravda:   Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, believes that Ukraine and Poland should start a real conversation about how to solve bilateral problems on the way to the European Union in order to prevent crises such as border blockades or the grain crisis.

    The minister said this in an interview with the Polish publication Uklad Sil, European Pravda reports

    "I think that what we should talk about, what we should start thinking about, is the Ukrainian-Polish alliance within the European Union. Because we will be two very strong players. We will make Poland stronger, and Poland will make us stronger," Kuleba said.

    In his opinion, it is not worth playing the game of balancing between the Franco-German alliance or any other alliance in Europe.

    "We need to start a real conversation about how we are going to solve bilateral problems on the way to the European Union because what is happening now with these trucks and grain exports is disappointing. This should not be happening, but we must find ways and mechanisms to prevent it," the Minister said.

    He noted that the deeper we dive into the accession negotiations, the more such issues will arise from different sides.

    "Poles and Ukrainians must prevent such situations from turning into problems and resolve them quickly and amicably, as we have already failed to prevent them," he added.

    Kuleba also said that one should start talking about what Ukraine and Poland will do together in the European Union.

    "For the first time in history, the whole of Europe, from Lisbon to Kyiv, will live in unity. Ukrainians and Poles will be part of this great project and have their own roles. I believe that this is the kind of strategic discussion and partnership we should strive for," the minister said.


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