22 April 2024 / 23:37 RU

    Gevorg Papoyan: Armenia speaks with Azerbaijan both directly and through mediators

    We have always stated, and we state now, that we are ready to provide roads under the jurisdiction of Armenia; these roads should be under our jurisdiction. Gevorg Papoyan, an MP of the ruling majority Civil Contract Faction in the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, told this to reporters at the NA Tuesday—and referring to the fact that the Turkish minister of transport had announced that the "Zangezur corridor" via Armenia should be completed by 2028, and that there are positive signals from the Armenian PM in this regard.

    "The Crossroads of Peace [project by Armenia] is exactly about the fact that goods can go uninhibitedly from Europe to Asia through the territory of Armenia and vice versa. There is no change in this position of ours. The new thing here is that we say: on the conditions that Iran gives road to Azerbaijan, we can provide road to Azerbaijan on those conditions. And Iran gives road under the conditions I noted; that is, it is the territory of Iran's jurisdiction," Papoyan said.

    And regarding Azerbaijan's proposal to Armenia negotiate in a bilateral format without mediators, the Armenian ruling force legislator said that Armenia talks with Azerbaijan both directly and through mediators.

    "I believe that any option where our positions are respected and accepted is acceptable to us," Gevorg Papoyan added.


    16 January 2024 / 13:52