21 July 2024 / 12:44 RU

    The Formula of the World of Ukraine was held in Davos

    Representatives from eighty countries and an international organization convened in Davos, Switzerland, for the fourth meeting of national security advisers, focusing on the formula for peace in Ukraine, announced Andriy Yermak, head of the presidential office.

    This marks a substantial increase from the 66 participants in the previous meeting held in Malta, indicating a growing global engagement in the pursuit of a peaceful resolution. The Davos meeting boasted attendees from 39 European countries, 18 Asian nations, 12 African states, six South American nations, three North American countries, and two from Oceania.

    Yermak highlighted the positive trend of a rising number of countries endorsing the joint action plan based on the Ukrainian formula for peace. He stated, "The countries of the regions of the Global South are increasingly being included in our work. This shows an understanding: this conflict in Europe is a challenge for all mankind."

    During his address, Yermak brought attention to Russia's recent missile attacks, noting Ukraine's reclamation of over 50% of its territory from Russia. Additionally, he asserted that Ukraine had successfully neutralized a fifth of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, despite lacking a navy of equivalent scale.

    This significant gathering in Switzerland follows the conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine held in Lugano in July 2022, reaffirming the international community's commitment to supporting Ukraine.

    Switzerland played a crucial role in the discussions, participating in working groups on nuclear safety, food security, and the cessation of the war. The Swiss Foreign Ministry emphasized that the primary goal of these meetings is "to finalize negotiations at the level of national security advisers on the principles of a lasting and just peace in Ukraine."

    The comprehensive Ukrainian formula for peace encompasses the restoration of territorial integrity, the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, and the accountability of those responsible for war crimes. Ten different facets of Ukraine's peace plan were deliberated through ten working groups at the national security adviser level, garnering widespread support among Ukraine's Western allies.


    Source - Turan.az


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