16 July 2024 / 05:28 RU

    Ararat Mirzoyan: Armenia should be able to make use of Azerbaijan railway

    Answering the question about Armenia’s negotiation process with Azerbaijan, the Armenian FM noted that the end of 2023 was marked by Baku's refusal to attend such meetings both at the highest level and at the level of foreign ministers and security councils.

    "At the same time, in a non-constructive atmosphere, we saw constructive steps from Baku; for example, in the matter of the release of captives," the Armenian FM noted, adding that the two parties exchanged proposals for a peace treaty. The latest respective Azerbaijani proposals were received at the end of December, the Armenian side sent its newest proposals on January 4.

    Mirzoyan confirmed that there is certain regression in terms of content in the Azerbaijani proposals. However, the Armenian FM believes that the important thing is not the regression or the progress at some phase, but the consolidation of the fundamental principles on which the peace treaty should be based.

    "Those principles have been voiced many times: mutual recognition of territorial integrity without reservations or ambiguities. This is a question that requires maximum clarity. The [peace] agreement should define clear principles on the basis of which the border delimitation process will proceed. That is, this is the principles of territorial integrity, inviolability of the borders, and border delimitation. This is in the priority plan of Armenia," emphasized Mirzoyan.

    According to him, the lack of clarity is a reason for future escalation of tension and military aggression, whereas the peace agreement should be such that stability cannot be called into question in the future.

    Another important principle, according to the Armenian FM, is the unblocking of regional economic communications. "Ultimately, peace is not just the absence of gunfire. It is open borders, movement of goods and people. It is hard to call a situation ‘peace’ when Armenia remains under siege [by Azerbaijan]. Unblocking should also take place according to several principles, they are also well-known: sovereignty of countries over communications, equality, and reciprocity. If Azerbaijan has access to Armenian communications and railways, then Armenia also should be able to make use of Azerbaijan's railways," emphasized the Armenian FM.

    Regarding the negotiations, Mirzoyan noted that, by and large, they have always been direct. But there were mediators who assisted in the holding of these talks, or tried to make suggestions.

    "We [i.e. Armenia] are interested in continuing the negotiation process. We expect that in the future Baku will agree to continue the meetings and negotiations," the Armenian FM concluded, noting the importance of Greece's proposal to assist this process.


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