19 April 2024 / 02:49 RU

    Russia plans to open second consulate general in Armenia

    Russia plans to open a second general consulate in Armenia, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Evgeniy Ivanov told KP.ru.

    "In the near future, there will be a considerable expansion of Russia's diplomatic presence abroad. Decisions have already been made and agreed with the authorities of the host countries to open embassies in Burkina Faso and Equatorial Guinea, consulates general in Kapan (Armenia), Aktau (Kazakhstan), Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Denpasar (Indonesia), and Male (Maldives).

    "Plans for the coming years include the opening of diplomatic and consular missions in a number of countries located in geographical regions that have become key for us [i.e. Russia] in accordance with the new concept of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation approved by the presidential decree," Ivanov noted.


    25 December 2023 / 11:58