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    Baku offers Yerevan peace based on five principles

    Azerbaijan has submitted the fifth updated draft of the peace treaty to Armenia, Azerbaijani President's aide, head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmet Hajiyev said.

    He said that the Armenian separatist regime has disarmed and left Azerbaijan.

    "This removes obstacles to a peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan. We believe that there is a historic opportunity to put an end to antagonism and enmity between the two countries and build a lasting peace based on the five principles proposed to Armenia by Azerbaijan," Hajiyev said.

    According to him, Azerbaijan has created a model for resolving one of the most prolonged conflicts on the broader map of Eurasia.

    "We have put an end to the military occupation. Azerbaijan now prioritizes peace and normalization of relations with Armenia. But any peace agreement requires the presence of two parties, and Armenia must show goodwill. We have submitted the fifth updated draft of the peace agreement to Armenia, but they have not reacted for almost two months," Hajiyev said.

    The President's aide stressed that new realities have emerged in the South Caucasus, and legality and legitimacy are at the core of these new realities.

    According to him, Azerbaijan wants to build a new regional security architecture based on justice, recognizing each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty and ending all territorial claims.

    He said that some people in the European Parliament showed Azerbaijanophobia or Islamophobia towards Azerbaijan, while some EU member states, such as France, have launched a militarization program in Armenia.

    "We do not support militarization. Armenia does not need a militarization program. What is necessary is a program of peace...A historic opportunity has arisen, and the relevant European institutions should also be part of the solution, not the problem, to promote a peaceful agenda in the region," Hajiyev said.


    Source - vestikavkaza.ru


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