13 June 2024 / 13:33 RU

    U.S. seeks to avoid conflict with China

    U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told CNN that the United States is attempting to strengthen "lines of communication" with China to avoid conflict between the two superpowers.

    "We are working to put some stability into the relationship, to put a floor under the relationship, to make sure that the competition that we’re in doesn’t veer into conflict,” Blinken said.

    A conflict, the secretary added, "would not be in our interest, their interest, or anyone else’s."

    Last month, Blinken made a highly anticipated trip to China, becoming the first secretary of state to travel to the country in 5 years.

    "I was very clear with my Chinese counterparts. We will continue to do and say things that China will not like just as they’re going to continue to do and say things we won’t like," Blinken said, referring to his trip.



    Source - vestikavkaza.ru


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