24 May 2024 / 00:42 RU

    UN obliges Armenia to put up with Lachin checkpoint

    The International Court of Justice has ruled on July 6 to unanimously reject Armenia’s request of May 12 to modify the Court’s order of February 22 concerning Armenia’s proceedings against Azerbaijan over the application of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said.

    Thus, the UN International Court of Justice reaffirmed as groundless the Armenia’s request to modify the order of February 22.

    "Contrary to Armenia’s lies, the International Court of Justice said it has not defined Azerbaijan’s violation of the February 22 order with regard to the border checkpoint’s impeding the movement along the Lachin road. We urge Armenia to comply with the decision calling to refrain from any action, which might aggravate the dispute, and put an end to any actions that hamper the normal functioning of the Lachin checkpoint," the statement reads.

    © Photo :Maria Novoselova / Vestnik Kavkaza


    12 July 2023 / 13:17