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    Aliyev and Erdogan confirm the inviolability of the Azerbaijani-Turkish union

    The friendship and brotherhood of Turkey and Azerbaijan are unshakable, this was the leitmotif of the statements made to the press by the leaders of the two countries – Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ilham Aliyev in Baku today after face–to-face talks and in an expanded delegation.

    "Turkey and Azerbaijan will continue to cooperate closely on the basis of the principle of "One nation, two states". The friendship and brotherhood of our countries are unshakable," Erdogan said.

    Referring to the content of the talks, he also noted that energy is an important issue on the agenda of the dialogue between the two countries. "Today, especially in Europe, they are very interested in gas supplies through Turkey. They constantly come to us with requests. We, in turn, are doing everything necessary and will continue our efforts in this direction," Erdogan said. He also drew attention to the situation in the South Caucasus.

    The Turkish President noted that it is important to resolve the issue of the Zangezur Corridor as soon as possible, which will contribute to strengthening Turkish-Azerbaijani ties.

    The Azerbaijani President also called the opening of the "Zangezur corridor" inevitable. "We will strengthen our work in this direction. The opening of the corridor will create new opportunities for many countries and will have a positive impact on cooperation in the region," Aliyev said. He also pointed out the growing importance of the Middle Corridor.

    According to him, the volume of cargo transported through the Caspian Sea and Azerbaijan is growing every year.

    "Therefore, we are expanding our transport and logistics capabilities. We are expanding the potential of the Baku port to 25 million tons. We are raising the railway, the shipyard and other transport infrastructure to the most modern level," President Aliyev further said.

    He also pointed to an increase in the export of Azerbaijani gas to European countries through Turkey. "There is also a great demand for this," the Azerbaijani president added.

    "Our work in the energy sector is not limited to the issue of natural gas. Today we exchanged ideas on cooperation on renewable energy. Today we are actively cooperating in the issues of gas, oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals, electricity," the head of Azerbaijan noted.

    He also noted that the unity of Azerbaijan and Turkey is important for the South Caucasus region and the entire Turkic world. According to him, Azerbaijan and Turkey "will continue to be based on a common position in foreign policy."

    Aliyev drew attention to the geopolitical processes, which, as he believes, "have reduced the importance and effectiveness of international law." "Unfortunately, today the factor of force comes to the fore, and international law does not work. We have seen this during the 30 years of the Armenian occupation of the lands of Azerbaijan. The negotiations did not bring results. Our strength has given results," the President of Azerbaijan said.

    He also stressed that the Azerbaijani army will continue to develop according to the Turkish model. Aliyev also announced the planning of 16 joint military exercises. The parties also discussed issues of cooperation in the field of education. In this regard, President Erdogan announced the imminent opening of the Turkish-Azerbaijani University.


    Source - Turan.az


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