24 May 2024 / 00:57 RU

    Georgia to be ready to obtain EU candidate by the end of June

    Georgia would fulfil all 12 priorities set by the European Union for granting the country its membership candidate status, chair of the ruling Georgian Dream party Irakli Kobakhidze said, adding that there would be “no reason left” for not granting Georgia the status in December.

    In his comments to the local media, Kobakhidze noted the Georgian Government had presented its plan to fulfil the EU recommendations last year and “promised” the Georgian society and the European Commission to implement them by the end of June.

    Kobakhidze emphasised the country deserved the granting of the membership status last year, which was confirmed by the Commission’s report on Georgia by assessing the ability of the country to assume the obligations of EU membership.


    Source - vestikavkaza.ru


    12 June 2023 / 14:29