09 December 2023 / 07:57 RU

    Pashinyan sold Putin out, gave all to Erdogan

    Pashinyan sold Putin out, not just betrayed. To make it even clearer, I will put it this way – for euros.
    The topic of betrayal is not up for discussion at all. It is obvious and has already been discussed multiple times. In the long-range view, there is nothing left to discuss, there is even nothing to predict and forecast.

    What Pashinyan is doing has been clear for a long time. In 2008 some guy named Nikol Pashinyan stepped in when in the same year Turkey announced its plans for a Caucasus platform which would unite the Turkic states. For some reason Iran was not part of this platform, Georgia, once again cherishing its independence, rejected it, and the Caucasus platform apparently collapsed. Russia's recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent countries also ruined Erdogan's dream, which in fact was not so much about the unification of Turkic states as about the formation of a new Turkish empire.

    Once again, Armenia got in the way, and the orphan Azerbaijan further strengthened its position as Turkey's younger brother by virtue of its usefulness.

    Years of attempts to fraternize with Russia and squeeze it out of the South Caucasus went wrong: Georgia sought independence and, although it had a well-deserved hatred for Russia, the country also had diplomatic dexterity and enough wisdom not to lose its independence due to the conflict with Russia over South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

    Turkey waited for a while and found another way to put pressure on Russia, using the other two self-proclaimed republics and the non-Georgian mindset of Ukraine.

    Armenia and Artsakh: A different leader was needed here, someone who, amazingly enough, wrote just in 2008 about a "corridor" connecting Turkey and Azerbaijan to serve the Turkish and U.S. interests... about the handover of parts of the Artsakh Republic to Azerbaijan. Yes, Pashinyan and Turkey found each other.

    You all know very well that happened next: a war and a total shattering of the Armenian people’s hopes and goals

    Now let’s get back to the present day.

    May 27

    "We are perfectly aware of the goals of the forces seeking to isolate our brother, Azerbaijan," Turkish Minister Cavusoglu says and reiterates the importance of the Organization of Turkic States platform, "which gives strength and confidence to Turkic-speaking countries."

    Meanwhile, the Armenians are convincing the Armenians not to dream about Ararat and to give up what they have... Turks are pushing for their Turkish empire. The Armenians are ashamed of their liberated homeland and sow doubts, whereas the Turks are not ashamed to occupy the countries of others.

    And, notably, they say, "the goals of the forces." What forces are left? Armenia is defiantly not a force, the U.S. is a force, but it's on the same side as Turkey, while Europe is “chaneling” the Azerbaijani gas... If anyone remains as a force, it's Russia. Who else? China is far away and it also doesn't need these games here yet.

    May 28

    Aliyev decides to spoil a national holiday in Armenia – the Republic Day marking the anniversary of the First Armenian Republic in 1918. Incidentally, it was the Armenian that was among the allies that had defeated and imposed capitulation on Turkey.

    Did the Civil Contract party say something about the First Republic? Well, Erdogan probably told Aliyev and Pashinyan to say some bad things.

    So, Aliyev is encouraged to lay out new demands: "The delimitation of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border must be carried out exclusively on Baku's terms, the road to Nakhichevan must be opened and the Armenian troops must withdraw from Nagorno-Karabakh.”

    The fact that there is a road linking Nakhichevan to Azerbaijan through Iran is constantly forgotten.

    "We are the strong side, we are the ones who have a strong position at the negotiating table, we are the ones who have a strong position on the border. Even if the peace treaty is not signed, we will live comfortably and safely," says the Baku dictator, (as Iran expert Vardan Voskanyan would refer to him).

    See, it turns out that only Armenia needs this peace deal, does it? Do they think we really need the withdrawal of troops from Artsakh and its depopulation? What are they saying? This is all just aimed at intimidating people. And Pashinyan, who amazingly pretends to be law-abiding, saying he can't speak on behalf of Artsakh because he wasn't elected by them, renounces Artsakh at Europe and Asia trips.

    That's how a talented salesman should be. And you are saying it’s about Azerbaijani gas.

    June 1

    At the end of the five-sided meeting between the leaders of France, Germany and the European Council chief in Chisinau, Aliyev and Pashinyan reaffirmed their mutual recognition of each other's territorial integrity.

    Recognition is not a problem, but the recognition of Azerbaijan’s territory within some square kilometers amounts to Nikol’s final renunciation from Artsakh, as well as his responsivity for the deaths of the Armenian heroes.

    June 2

    It turns out later on that the French president's statement following the Chisinau meeting was not to Aliyev's liking: "The statement made unilaterally by the French president about the meeting does not reflect and distorts the position of the parties,” Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry spokesperson said.

    So what actually happened that even Macron "distorted" the reality?

    June 2

    The Kremlin reacts to Pashinyan's statement that he (it doesn't feel right to subscribe to any "we" Pashinyan says) is not Russia's ally in the war with Ukraine.

    "We have taken note of it,” Peskov says.

    Thus, Pashinyan fulfils Turkey’s dream, quietly forcing Russia out of the game, because the latter is busy fighting its own war, you might say, with its fellow people, and will have no desire to go above and beyond for the Armenians who renounce the country... and themselves. Slowly or rapidly, Turkey is heading towards the Caucasus platform - the Turkish empire.

    The rest is as clear as it was a century ago.

    Anahit Voskanyan


    09 June 2023 / 14:05