18 April 2024 / 08:25 RU

    First mass drone attack on Moscow, Ukrainians avenge Kiev

    In the early hours of 30 May, Ukrainians launched a massive aerial attack on Moscow with combat drones. According to various sources, between 10 and 30 drones were involved in the attack.

    According to Moscow Mayor Sobyanin, several residential buildings were damaged and several people were injured.

    Objects in the Moscow region were also attacked.

    The Russian Defence Ministry says most of the drones were destroyed.

    This is the first mass attack on Moscow since the start of Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

    The day before, the head of Ukrainian intelligence, Kyryl Budanov, warned that Russia would regret the massive air strikes on Kiev in recent days.

    Apparently, today's attack on Moscow is only the first swallow. 


    Source - Turan.az


    30 May 2023 / 13:58