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    Azerbaijan-Armenia: Amid Today's Moscow Meeting, U.S. Says, Supports Direct Talks 'Anywhere In The World'

    The United States continues to engage in the Azerbaijan-Armenia peace process, and 'welcomes' the reports that the parties are continuing to engage in discussions themselves, the State Department said on Wednesday.

    "We reiterate our conviction, as Secretary Blinken made clear last week, that peace is within reach..." State Department's Spokesperson Matthew Miller told TURAN's Washington correspondent during a daily press briefing. 

    He went on to add that direct dialogue "is key to resolving issues and reaching a lasting peace"

    "And we will continue to support the parties in this endeavor, including by engaging with them directly," he said.

    Miller's comments came in the wake of U.S. Senior Advisor for Caucasus Negotiations Louis Bono's unannounced trip to the region. In the meantime, the spokesperson refrained from sharing further details of the trip.

    When asked by TURAN whether Washington expected today's Moscow talks between Azerbaijan-Arkenian leaders to be any different, Miller said, Washington supports "direct talks between the two parties."

    He went on to elaborate: "We believe that direct talks are important to achieving an ultimate lasting resolution, which we do believe is within reach if the two parties are able to come to [an] agreement to bridge their differences. And we support those talks taking place whether they be in Washington, as they were last month, whether they be in Brussels, as they were a couple weeks ago, or really anywhere in the world."

    The spokesperson concluded: "The important thing is that these two parties continue to talk to each other."

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