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    Robert Kocharyan responds to Karabakh parliament majority: Did you just now realize what is happening?

    The second President of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, went on Facebook and responded to Monday night’s statement by the National Assembly (NA) of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). Kocharyan's response says as follows:

    "To the NA parliamentary majority of Artsakh:

    "For my part, I consider the ultimatum demands addressed to the [former] presidents to be inappropriate and insulting. Did you just now realize what is happening? Are you that naive? Even in case of great desire, it was impossible not to see that for the last two years, the open handing over of Artsakh [to Azerbaijan] has been taking place. We talked about it publicly and on all occasions. The Artsakh NA, with its majority (except for 4 MPs), their leaders did not respond to our warnings in any way.

    "You supported the authorities of Armenia during the 2021 [snap parliamentary] elections. You ‘didn't notice’ the mass protests that were taking place in Yerevan in April-May last year. With your obedience and your desire to please the authorities of Armenia, you allowed the fate of Artsakh to be decided without your participation.

    "So don't dare to put the accountability from the sick head on to the healthy one. And, definitely, it’s not for you to judge my level of patriotism. My approaches have not changed: It is necessary to fight for the homeland, not to pretend to fight."

    Karabakh parliament: Armenia PM statement ignoring Artsakh people’s right to self-determination is null and void


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