13 April 2024 / 15:47 RU

    Russian Railways withdraws from projects in Iran

    Russian Railways (RZD) has ceased implementation of infrastructure projects in Iran, press release of the holding said on Thursday, according to TASS. The Iranian side has been notified, the company noted.

    In this regard, RZD International, which is in charge of the holding's foreign projects, has stopped work on electrification of the Garmsar - Inche Burun line and closes a branch in Tehran.

    "JSC RZD [Russian Railways] expresses confidence that withdrawal of RZD International from the Garmsar - Inche Bourun Project shall not affect the partnership between Russian Railways and Iranian Railways, which is carried out first of all in the field of international logistics including the International North - South Transport Corridor development," the company wrote in a statement.

    Russian Railways continues to implement projects in India, Serbia and Cuba. The company is engaged in construction of railway infrastructure, electrification of lines, creation of dispatch centers.


    02 April 2020 / 16:11