25 July 2024 / 04:47 RU

    Sergey Lavrov: US ‘advises’ Armenia to drive away Russian military base, border guards

    The US "advises" Armenia to give up the Russian military base and border guards in the country, promising instead to "ensure security," Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said, RIA Novosti reported.

    "I know that we have such information to the Armenians. They [i.e., the US and its allies] say [to Armenia], as if ‘come to us, drive the Russians out of your territory, and the border guards too, remove the [Russian] military base [in Armenia], the Americans will help ensure security [of Armenia].’ Open provocation! This is not diplomacy either... There is no such diplomacy anymore. There is direct bribery," Lavrov said in an interview on a Russian television.

    Also, claimed that the US often "swindles" its allies.

    The 102nd Russian military base is located in Gyumri, Armenia. And the air component of this military base is at Erebuni military airport  in Yerevan.


    17 May 2023 / 13:10