21 February 2024 / 22:26 RU

    Baku satisfied with results of Brussels meeting

    The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry described as "useful and productive" the meeting on May 14 in Brussels between the President of Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia, mediated by EU Council President Charles Michel.

    "This meeting is significant because of the resumption of the Brussels format and the promotion of dialogue at the highest level, after a nine-month hiatus resulting from various interventions and attempts to put forward preconditions," the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said in a comment. 

    "During the meeting, a detailed exchange of views was held with a view to achieving concrete results on the draft bilateral peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia, border delimitation and communication restoration.

    The partners were informed once again of Azerbaijan's principled position on ensuring peace and stability in the region. In particular, it is extremely important to reaffirm the recognition of the territorial integrity of the states, and in this context, the recognition of the internationally recognized territorial integrity of Azerbaijan by Armenia," the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said.

    The meeting also provided an opportunity to discuss humanitarian issues important to post-conflict normalisation. In this context, the importance of clarifying the fate of missing persons and speeding up the demining of territories was once again stressed.

    "We declare that the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia on the basis of mutual recognition and respect for each other's sovereignty, territorial integrity and international borders is the only way to ensure lasting peace and stability in the region. In this direction, we welcome the efforts contributing to the progress towards the normalization of relations and reiterate our readiness to continue dialogue and interaction with international partners pursuing this goal," Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry's commentary reads.


    Source - Turan.az


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