13 July 2024 / 19:54 RU

    King Charles III is crowned

    n a lavish ceremony at Westminster Abbey, King Charles III was crowned in a display of ancient traditions and symbols of royal power.

    The event was meant to reinforce the monarchy's relevance in modern Britain, but opinions were mixed. While some were thrilled to witness the historic occasion, others criticized the monarchy's association with privilege and inequality.

    Notable guests, including world leaders, dignitaries, and celebrities, attended the ceremony, which was adjusted to include representatives of different faiths and female clergy.

    The grandeur of the event was overshadowed for some by concerns about poverty and social division in the country.

    Despite the pomp and circumstance, the monarchy no longer holds executive or political power, and Charles will have to work to maintain support for the institution in a multicultural nation.

    While most Britons view the monarchy with indifference or mild interest, some are fervently opposed to it.

    The notoriously feuding royal family put on a show of unity, but Prince Harry arrived alone, while his wife Meghan and their children remained in California.

    The ceremony was followed by a procession to Buckingham Palace, where the king and queen waved to cheering crowds from the balcony.


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