21 July 2024 / 12:56 RU

    Kaladze: EU doesn't grant Georgia candidate status due to refusal to open second front against Russia

    Georgia was not given the status of a candidate for EU membership because the country’s leadership did not join the sanctions against Russia, mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze said.

    "Not giving candidate status was a political decision, and the public understood very well why it happened. The authorities of Georgia create a problem for them because they do not join the sanctions, do not start a war, do not open a ‘second front’ in the country,” Kaladze said.

    The mayor of Tbilisi added that the Georgian authorities were working towards the implementation of 12 recommendations which were given to Georgia to get an EU candidate status.

    "Our authorities are ready to thoroughly perform and do everything so that the country gets the status of a candidate. It does not depend on us what decision will be takenm" he said.

    Kaladze noted that if they grant candidate status, Tbilisi will be happy, if they don't provide it, that's not a problem either.

    Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili had announced on February 25, 2022 that he does not plan to impose sanctions on Russia because of Georgian national interests.


    Source - vesnikkavkaza.net


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