18 April 2024 / 03:17 RU

    New EU-mediated Armenia-Azerbaijan talks expected in “coming days” – United States State Department says

    President of the European Council Charles Michel will host Armenia-Azerbaijan talks in the coming days, according to the United States State Department.

    The announcement was made by State Department spokesperson Ned Price at a press briefing, when he was asked to comment on the State Department’s readout of the Munich summit which mentioned that Secretary Blinken “took note of the significant progress the two sides have made over the last several months.” The reporter asked Price whether this didn’t sound over-optimistic.

    “He was reflecting what we’ve seen over the last couple months. This has been the result of engagement between the parties. This has been the result of bilateral engagement with the United States, trilateral engagement with the United States, the work that the EU has done in their diplomacy as well, and what we hope to see when the parties come together in Brussels in the coming days in the talks hosted by President Michel of the EU. So, we hope to see a continuation of that progress. We are not being Pollyannaish, but we are continuing to support this dialogue, this diplomacy, towards a comprehensive solution in every way we possibly can,” Price said.

    “We are going to do everything we can to see that progress continue,” he added.


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