21 February 2024 / 21:34 RU

    At night Israelidrones bombed Iran's military factories, and an earthquake destroyed the city of Khoy

    Last night, Israeli combat drones launched a series of attacks on Iranian military facilities, Western media reported.

    Iran acknowledged the attack on a military plant in Isfahan, which was hit by two drones. Fighters were raised into the sky over Tehran.

    Meanwhile, independent sources report the defeat of at least 5 military facilities in Tehran, Isfahan, Azershahr, Tabriz and other cities. These are factories for the production and storage of combat drones and missiles.

    Al-Arabiya TV channel reported that the attack was carried out by Israel. However, The Israeli authorities do not comment on these reports,

    In turn, local sources in Iran posted video footage of drone attacks, explosions at military installations and fires on the Internet.

    Simultaneously with the attack on military facilities in northern Iran, a strong earthquake of magnitude 6 occurred. The epicenter of the shocks was in the city of Khoi. According to preliminary data, seven people died, several hundred were injured. More than 500 houses were destroyed in Hoi.


    Source - Turan.az


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