05 March 2024 / 11:39 RU

    Brad Sherman calls for real consequences for the Aliyev regime

    Congressman Brad Sherman condemned the ongoing blockade of Artsakh by Azerbaijan and called for real consequences for the Aliyev regime.

    Congress cannot remain silent as Azerbaijan attempts to starve 120,000 Armenians from Artsakh, Sherman said, speaking in the House.

    Azerbaijan is trying to force the Armenians of Artsakh to leave their homes by making their lives in Artsakh unbearable. The tactic is blockade, the goal is ethnic cleansing. The Azerbaijani dictator Aliyev clearly stated that those who don't want to become citizens (of Azerbaijan) can leave. What did he mean? The ethnic Armenians are already citizens, they are citizens of the Republic of Artsakh, but Aliyev doesn't recognize this citizenship, he uses this as an excuse to ethnically cleanse 120,000 people, he noted..

    He called on the administration and Congress to take a strong stand against Azerbaijan's shameful attempts to ethnically cleans the Armenian population of Artsakh through this blockade.


    27 January 2023 / 11:33