22 April 2024 / 23:04 RU

    Zatulin: Appearance of EU observers in Armenia is due to the desire to resist Azerbaijani pressure

    First Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Konstantin Zatulin said at a press conference that he understands why in Russia today there is a question as to whether sending European Union observers to Armenia will lead to complication of the situation.

    "We are in a hostile, confrontational relationship with the EU in connection with the events in Ukraine. But I would still here, exercising a certain reasonable restraint, not rush to panic about this in advance.

    It seems to me that the mandate of these observers is quite limited, and the appearance of these observers is in principle at the initiative of Armenia due to the desire to resist the pressure of Azerbaijan and to find any allies in the fight against this pressure.

    This is exactly the evidence of the fact that in Armenia the pro-Western forces want to change the vector, they want to play, they create problems for Armenia itself, for the Armenian people in this regard.

    The Western powers have not helped Armenians during the first, second or any other war except for declarations which they made during the centuries-long Armenian problem. Because there were a lot of declarations, promises but not many actions and the result of this is known - the tragedy of the Armenian people in the First World War and so on and so forth.

    But someone wants to illustrate the equidistance, understanding today our certain dependence on good relations with Turkey through whose ports different rivers of grain and other things flow, through the airports, through which we continue to have access to some other lines which are closed because of the sanctions of the West. This all exists," said the deputy.


    25 January 2023 / 10:19