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    Azerbaijan will increase the power of the armed forces and military-industrial complex

     Azerbaijan will increase the power of its armed forces and military-industrial complex, President Ilham Aliyev said in an interview with local TV channels. According to him, Azerbaijan has formed its commando forces. “They have become a very large force, and this process continues. New commando units will be created. Special-purpose forces have been doubled and will be further increased. Their supply is also provided at a high level,” Aliyev said.

    The forces of the special-purpose forces of the Border Service, the Internal Troops, the State Security Service, and the Foreign Intelligence Service are also being strengthened. “We have multiplied the number of Marines. We have increased the number of special forces of the Separate Combined Arms Army in Nakhchivan. I cannot name their number now; it would be wrong. But I can say that their number continues to increase. We have already created and will create such a force that not taking it into account would mean suicide," Aliyev said.

    He also announced the development of the military-industrial complex of Azerbaijan, which will meet the country's own needs, but also be guided by an expert. Azerbaijan currently supplies military products to 30 countries.

    “A vacuum has formed on the world arms market. For Russia has withdrawn from the world arms market. Now the Russian military-industrial complex is working for domestic needs. And America sends its military products to Ukraine, the same applies to European countries. Thus, the leading players left this market. Therefore, we can make up for it,” Aliyev said.

    According to him, Azerbaijan is able to export military products worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


    Source - Turan.az


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