09 December 2023 / 07:48 RU

    State minister: Natural gas supply has been restored in Artsakh

    A little while ago, Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Minister of State Ruben Vardanyan said during his live broadcast that he has good news.

    "Without any preconditions, the neighboring country [i.e., Azerbaijan] has restored the [natural] gas supply in Artsakh—and this is our victory because we showed unity. We showed that we are strong, that we will not be depressed," Vardanyan said.

    He added that the Lachin corridor may be reopened during the day.

    "The road may be [re]opened today. They [the Azerbaijanis] decided it themselves because they felt what a mistake they made. They have come under great pressure both internally and externally. I want to thank the people who supported us in various countries," the Artsakh state minister said.

    Vardanyan noted that they, in Artsakh, already have the experience of being under a blockade for 96 hours.

    "We must definitely study it well, learn from it because we must always be ready, because our neighbor will not rest. But they learned a good lesson that it is impossible to break the will of the people of Artsakh", he said.

    Also, the Artsakh Minister of State thanked everyone who did a great job during these four days—sometimes even without sleeping.

    "These four days enabled us to sense that we are all together," Ruben Vardanyan emphasized, in particular.

    Since Monday, Azerbaijanis under the guise of "environmentalists" have closed the Lachin corridor, which is the only motorway that connects Artsakh with Armenia. In addition, Azerbaijan had cut off natural gas supply to Artsakh.


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