25 July 2024 / 04:11 RU

    Russia MFA official representative: CSTO is always open for cooperation with interested parties

    The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) is always open for cooperation with interested parties, international organizations, and is ready for dialogue based on equality and respect. Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian foreign ministry, said this at Thursday’s weekly press briefing.

    According to her, there are a number of domains in which such cooperation would be effective.

    "It is about countering international challenges and threats, including international terrorism, illegal drug trafficking, information security. There are also no less important domains where the unification of efforts would be extremely required from the point of view of ensuring peace, security," she added.

    Zakharova reminded that in 2021, the normative documents that confirm the status of an observer attached to the CSTO and of a partner of the organization had entered into force within the CSTO. She believes that this creates opportunities to unite the interested integration associations and countries in the work of the CSTO. According to her, the Commonwealth of the Independent States (CIS) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) are among the priority partners of the structure.

    To note, Armenia also is a member in the Collective Security Treaty Organization.



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