04 December 2023 / 21:46 RU

    Ankara and Tehran agree on gas exports

    Iranian and Turkish officials have reached certain agreements regarding the export of Iranian gas to Türkiye, Mohammad Reza Jolayi, a spokesman for the Iranian National Gas Company, said.

    According to him, in this regard, officials of the Turkish company Botaş and the Iranian National Gas Company met in Türkiye.

    Jolayi noted that all technical measures in the process of exporting Iranian gas would be carried out over the next six months with the coordination of the parties. Thus, pipelines and cathodic protection will be repaired, coatings of pipelines are planned. Moreover, a station in the city of Bazargan in the province of Western Azerbaijan of Iran will be renovated.

    It should be added that the export of Iranian gas to Türkiye is 30 million cubic meters per day. Tehran exports only a small part of its gas production, it's about 6%. At the same time, the country produces from 900 million to 1 billion cubic meters of gas daily.


    24 October 2022 / 15:35