08 December 2023 / 08:12 RU

    France wants to deploy observers on Armenia-Azerbaijan border

    Paris supported the idea of deploying international observers on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, French Ambassador to Yerevan Anne Louyot said.

    She noted that work was already underway, and France and the USA were actively working on this issue.

    "We support this idea, we work in this direction and negotiate with other countries", the diplomat said.

    Director of the Institute for Political Studies Sergey Markov noted in an interview with a Vestnik Kavkaza correspondent that the scenario of the arrival of French and American observers in Armenia is becoming more real every day.
    "I think this is realistic. It's not without reason that Nikol Pashinyan is negotiating with the French and the Americans that their troops, as well as their NATO allies, should be deployed on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border and the territory of Armenia", he said.
    To do this, Armenia will have to lower the level of cooperation with Russia sharply, and so far Yerevan is leading to this. "We can expect steps from Armenia to expel the Russian military from its territory. What is being done now is undoubtedly part of the plan of refusal of the 102nd military base in Gyumri", Sergey Markov said.


    Source - vesnikkavkaza.net


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