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    Moscow sees attempts by number of extra-regional players to bring instability to South Caucasus region

    Moscow sees attempts by a number of extra-regional players to bring instability to the South Caucasus region, which just recently got a chance, formalized in the legal framework, to get out of the protracted crisis, Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

    According to her, there are obvious attempts to transfer the situation of instability in Ukraine to another part of the post-Soviet space, including the South Caucasus. "Although not only the South Caucasus, you see what attempts to destabilize the situation are and are being made in the entire post-Soviet space. This, of course, is an extremely destructive and dangerous line. For its part, Russia continues vigorous efforts to de-escalate the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and is in contact with both Yerevan and Baku. Relevant steps are also being taken through the CSTO. It is necessary to ensure the ceasefire and withdrawal of all forces to their initial positions," she noted.

    "Yes, we do see that there are a number of extra-regional players who want to...well, in the beginning they wanted to appropriate some laurels of peace settlement or implementation of peace agreements. In principle, we are not greedy, we are always ready to share success. But now we see another tendency, when they try to put sticks in the wheels of implementation of these agreements. Now this is serious. We still believe that the key to stability in the South Caucasus is the full implementation of all the trilateral statements reached by the leaders of Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. We consider it important in the current situation to intensify work in all tracks, including the unblocking of economic and transport ties in the region, delimitation of the border and agreement on a peace treaty. We are focused on the implementation of these agreements. We see them as a guarantee of avoiding destructive tendencies, no matter who is behind them," Zakharova concluded.


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