13 July 2024 / 18:19 RU

    China to continue buying oil and gas from Russia

    China has no plans to end its policy of openness. Active purchases of goods from other countries, including energy from Russia, will continue, Vice Minister of Commerce of China Wang Shouwen said on Tuesday.

    "As for the PRC, we will hold high the banner of free trade and intend to firmly adhere to the policy of openness. <...> China welcomes the supply of goods and services from other countries," he said, answering a question from a Western media representative at a press conference about the country's plans to buy energy from Russia and export products to the European Union and the USA for the next six months.

    He stressed that the Chinese authorities intend to provide even more favorable opportunities for foreign companies planning to enter the country's market.

    Wang Shouwen added that due to the difficult international situation, foreign trade should be considered "an important stimulus for overall economic growth".

    According to Chinese customs' data, China's expenses on Russian oil and gas rose to a record $8.3 billion last month. August energy imports from Russia to China were 68% higher than in the same period in 2021


    Source - vesnikkavkaza.net


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