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    Azerbaijan, Türkiye integrate e-service platforms

    Azerbaijan and Türkiye have integrated their respective e-Government systems to facilitate and enhance services to the citizens of both countries, Caspian News reports. The presentation of the new project took place on Thursday as part of the TEKNOFEST Aerospace and Technology Festival in the Turkish city of Samsun by the Chairman of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovations under the President of Azerbaijan (ASAN Service), Ulvi Mehdiyev, and Chairman of the Turkish E-Transformation Office, Ali Taha Koch.

    The launch of the project came two years after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by Mehdiyev and Koch in 2020, which aimed to create an integrated services center between the two countries and develop technical infrastructure to support the digitalization of public services.

    In the initial stage of cooperation, the e-gov.az and my.gov.az personal cabinets have been integrated with the Turkish "e-Devlet Kapısı" portal, allowing the citizens of Türkiye to apply for the electronic services designed for them in Azerbaijan through "e-Devlet Kapısı" platform.

    The process is also valid for Azerbaijani citizens. They can enter the electronic government portal through "ASAN Login" and from there, they can now have access to "e-Devlet Kapısı", where they apply for electronic government services provided by the Turkish government.

    In the next stage, the electronic systems of the state institutions of Azerbaijan and Türkiye are expected to be mutually integrated to make multiple electronic services accessible and operational.

    The Azerbaijan Service and Assessment Network (ASAN), which translates to “easy” in Azerbaijani, is a multi-purpose service network that provides easy access to public services and streamlines government-to-citizen communication. This comprehensive innovative systems grid serves as a one-stop-shop platform of multiple services for both locals and foreigners in the country. ASAN renders more than 300 government and private company services, including birth, death and marriage registration; identity cards; passports; migration services; driver licenses; real estate records and electronic visa processing for foreigners, dubbed ASAN Visa.

    Twenty-four ASAN service centers currently operate throughout the country. Seven centers within the network are located in Baku, and there are 17 regional offices located in Sumgait, Ganja, Barda, Sabirabad, Gabala, Masalli, Guba, Mingachevir, Imishli, Sheki, Shamakhi, Kurdamir, Tovuz, Aghjabadi and Balakan.

    ASAN offers also a “service on wheels” option on ten fully-equipped buses and a train, known as Mobile ASAN, to those living in remote locations, which has been rendering services to Azerbaijani citizens in Türkiye since August 30. As part of the framework of the TEKNOFEST Festival, government services have been provided by the Mobile ASAN service bus to more than 100 citizens on the first day. The service days end on September 4.

    Meanwhile, the Turkish e-Devlet Kapısı is an electronic platform where e-Government services provided by different institutions through various communication channels are offered from a single point in a secure and uninterrupted manner.


    Source - vesnikkavkaza.net


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