28 May 2024 / 14:42 RU

    Tokayev proposes holding snap presidential elections in Kazakhstan

    Kazakhstan may hold the snap presidential elections this fall, Kazakh President Kassym Jomart Tokayev said.

    "I propose to hold snap presidential elections this fall. For the successful implementation of cardinal and comprehensive reforms on the path to building a just Kazakhstan, a new mandate of public confidence is needed," Tokayev said, speaking at a joint meeting of the chambers of the Parliament.

    The head of state stressed that for him the interests of the state are above all.

    "Therefore, I am ready to shorten my term of office and go to snap presidential elections. I also thought a lot and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to review the number and duration of the president's terms of office," Tokayev added.

    Tokayev proposed limiting the number of terms one person may serve as the country's president to one seven-year term without the right to seek reelection.

    "After lengthy deliberation, I came to a conclusion that there is a need to revise the number and duration of presidential terms. I propose limiting the mandate of the president to one seven-year term without the right to run for reelection," Tokayev said.  

    "On one hand, seven years are a sufficient period to accomplish any ambitious program. On the other hand, limiting the presidential mandate to one term will ensure the head of state's maximum concentration on tackling the strategic objectives of nationwide development," he said.


    Source - vesnikkavkaza.net


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