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    Armenians report fighting in three regions of Karabakh /UPDATED/

    On the afternoon of August 3, hostilities continued in the Mardakert (Agdere), Askeran and Shusha regions of Karabakh, Armenian sources report. According to them, at 16:00, there were three dead and about 10 wounded on the Armenian side.

    The Armenians claim that the sabotage groups of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces occupied a number of heights along the Lachin corridor, and also attacked military units near the villages of Drmbon and Badara. According to the same sources, the Azerbaijani side uses attack drones and mortars.

    At 16:30, the Azerbaijani side did not comment on these reports. *   *   *

    2022 August 03 (Wednesday) 15:48:19

    The Armenian side reports on the fighting in the Lachin corridor

    Baku/03.08.22/Turan: On the morning of August 3, a battle began in the area of the village of Sarybaba (Yehtsaog) of the Shusha region, the Armenian media reported on Wednesday afternoon. According to them, Azerbaijani units occupied a height above the village, from where the road between Lachin and Shusha is controlled. According to the same sources, there are seven wounded on the Armenian side.

    The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has not yet commented on these reports. As a result of shelling from the Armenian side, Azerbaijani soldier Anar Kazimov was killed today in the morning  in this  area. 


    Source - Turan.az


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