13 July 2024 / 19:04 RU

    Gazprom receives turbine documents from Siemens

    Gazprom has received documents from Siemens on return of the Nord Stream turbine from Canada but they still do not mitigate earlier identified risks, the Russian gas holding said.

    "Gazprom has received documents of Canadian authorities from Siemens. Gazprom examined mentioned documents but has to state they do not mitigate earlier identified risks and give rise to further questions," the company said. In particular, issues regarding EU and UK sanctions remain for Gazprom, "whose solution is important for engine supply to Russia and urgent overhaul of other gas turbine engines for the Portovaya compressor stations," Gazprom noted.

    Gazprom again requested prompt support from Siemens as regards provision of required documents and clarifications.

    The gas pipeline is operating at 40% (67 mln cubic meters per day) from the maximal capacity due to untimely return of gas turbine by Siemens after repair because of Canada’s sanctions against Russia.


    Source - vesnikkavkaza.net


    26 July 2022 / 11:18