27 May 2024 / 16:52 RU

    Mher Grigoryan: Working Group of Deputy PMs was able to bring positions of Yerevan and Baku closer

    The working group of Armenian, Azerbaijani and Russian Deputy Prime Ministers on unblocking regional communications managed to bring Yerevan and Baku's positions closer on many issues, particularly on border and customs control, Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan told TASS.

    "The activities of the trilateral working group on unblocking transport ties in the South Caucasus are constructive, I think. Of course, it is difficult work, but I must note that the sides managed to reconcile their positions on many issues of border and customs control, as well as the safe passage of citizens, vehicles and cargo on roads and railroads through the territories of Armenia and Azerbaijan," he said.

    According to the deputy chairman of the Armenian government, "at the moment, the expert subgroups continue working on issues related to the restoration and further use of road and railway infrastructures."


    29 June 2022 / 11:52