20 July 2024 / 00:05 RU

    Armenia parliament convenes another special session

    The National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, which ended its special session Tuesday, has convened a new special session today.

    The agenda includes five matters, one of which is the election of a new Prosecutor General, the other four are the election of candidates for the vacant positions of new judges to the judicial staff of the corruption crimes investigation of the Anti-Corruption Chamber of the Court of Cassation.

    The majority "Civil Contract" Faction of the NA has nominated Anna Vardapetyan, the Assistant to the Prime Minister, for the post of Prosecutor General.

    Serving Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan's respective term in office ends on September 16.

    There are three candidates for each vacancy of the aforesaid judicial staff, and only one of whom shall be elected.


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