13 August 2022 / 08:42 RU

    Armenia opposition MP: Car drove onto tent where there were people at France Square

    It is 6 o'clock in the morning; another provocation just took place at France Square. Opposition MP Anna Mkrtchyan stated this live on Facebook Tuesday morning.

    She noted: "Someone managed without obstruction to break the chain of many policemen and [special] red berets right before the eyes of the police and drive onto a tent with citizens in them. There was no way to find out what harm could have been done to the citizens.

    During all this time, no police officer has recorded the car’s [license plate] number, has not been able to stop this illegal action. That man drove onto the tent without obstruction. Well, imagine what would have happened to the people in that tent.

    Now they are attempting to find out. Hopefully, they will be able to solve that problem in so many video cameras."

    Also, Anna Mkrtchyan showed the damaged tent.


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    14 June 2022 / 12:00