03 October 2023 / 11:22 RU

    Armenia opposition MP: Police use stun grenades in front of EU embassy but latter is silent

    On June 3, stun grenades were fired at people in this area, in the immediate vicinity of the EU office. Opposition MP Aram Vardevanyan stated this during the Resistance Movement’s demonstration Tuesday in front of the office of the European Union Delegation to Armenia.

    "I believe this is another shameful page of these authorities, too. What is surprising is that the EU embassy does not talk about it. It does not talk about the tens of hundreds of citizens who sustained injuries, it does not say that [stun] grenade was used against the peaceful rally," he said.

    Then Vardevanyan read the statement by the two opposition factions in the National Assembly, after which it was passed to Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin, Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia.

    Aram Vardevanyan expressed hope that this statement will be properly responded to by the EU envoy.

    "I do not understand when the police are violating all the provisions of the Convention on Human Rights in front of the EU embassy, and the EU embassy remains silent. This is the most unacceptable double standard. The same embassy used to disseminate several announcements during the day in 2018 in the case of human hair ‘bending,’ whereas now it is silent. And with that silence, it encourages police atrocities," the opposition lawmaker said.


    07 June 2022 / 14:13