21 February 2024 / 20:19 RU

    Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Turkey to create Middle Corridor

    The railway departments of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Turkey are planning to create a Middle Corridor (TITR) joint venture. Its official registration is expected in early or mid-2023.

    According to TITR Secretary General Gaidar Abdikerimov, the purpose of creating the joint venture is to add value to the Middle Corridor, as it will facilitate transshipment processes and make the passage through different countries and ways more smooth.

    The Middle Corridor will provide high-quality intermodal transport and logistics services, harmonize cross-border rates and introduce a unified IT platform for the full automation of cargo transportation services from China to Turkey and the Black Sea ports.

    In addition, there are plans to link up with the International North-South Freight Corridor (INSTC) through the Caspian Sea ports, thus extending the corridor to Iran, and the Arab countries along the Persian Gulf, East Africa and India.

    On March 31, 2022, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Kazakhstan signed a quadripartite declaration on the Trans-CaspianEast-West Corridor, which emphasizes the importance of developing the transportation corridor and increasing transit potential, as well as integrating it into the international transportation system and strengthening cooperation among the parties.


    Source - vesnikkavkaza.net


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