21 July 2024 / 13:59 RU

    Algeria, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan will replace Russia in gas supplies to Europe

    Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Manlio Di Stefano announced the need to reduce the country's dependence on Russian gas at the expense of Algeria, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.

    "At the beginning of the year, Moscow halved the transportation of gas for Italy through Ukraine. This threat to our energy security requires urgent action. We work with the most reliable partners," la Repubblica told the newspaper.

    According to the deputy minister, Algeria is such a partner, and the Trans-Adriatic Gas Pipeline (TAP) is important for diversifying sources, through which Azerbaijani gas is supplied. Thanks to him, it was possible to contain the increase in gas prices for the population.

    Di Stefano confirmed that Italy expects to increase TAP's capacity to 10 billion cubic meters of gas.

    "Another promising direction is Turkmenistan, which could connect with the TAP pipeline in the Caspian Sea," he said.

    Turkmenistan has some of the largest gas reserves in the world, and Europe must think ahead to avoid problems in the future.

    In early February, Di Stefano had a telephone conversation with Azerbaijani Energy Minister Parviz Shahbazov. It was about increasing gas supplies from Azerbaijan from 8 billion cubic meters to 10 billion cubic meters.

    The Deputy Foreign Minister then announced the expediency of doubling the capacity of TAP in a strategic plan "in order to increase European energy security."


    Source - Turan.az


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