25 July 2024 / 03:25 RU

    Azerbaijan and Iran to establish Persian Gulf-Black Sea corridor

    Negotiations for the conclusion of the "Persian Gulf-Black Sea Corridor Agreement" are underway between Azerbaijan and Iran, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy Mehdi Safari said.

    Speaking to reporters, Safari pointed to consultations on establishing Persian Gulf-Black Sea corridor.

    According to him, negotiations for the conclusion of the "Persian Gulf-Black Sea Corridor Agreement" among Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia are still going on.

    "The sixth round of talks is scheduled to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, in Ordibehesht month(between April and May) next year and the text of the agreement will be ready for signing then," Mehr cited the deputy foreign minister as saying.

    "Informal preparations are underway with the ambassadors of the agreement member states in Tehran and other respective capitals, so that, God willing, we will soon see the emergence of an important transport corridor with various routes to facilitate trade between the countries of the region and the outside world," Safari added.

    He underscored that "recently a pilot program for the transfer of shipments from Iran to the Black Sea was implemented in cooperation with Azerbaijan and Georgia."


    Source - vesnikkavka.net


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