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    US Ambassador on cooperation with Russia, the situation on the border with Iran and the Caspian Sea

    The U.S. is ready for constructive cooperation with Russia on any issues, counting on goodwill and sincerity; however, regretfully this does not happen, U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Lee Litzenberger declared at a briefing on November 22nd.

    The U.S. is concerned about Russia's military preparations against Ukraine that raises tensions in the region rather than helps to stabilize the situation, he said.

    "There is one area where the U.S. and Russia are successfully cooperating: the OSCE Minsk Group. We have been able to organize meetings twice between the Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia, so efforts are ongoing in that direction," he said.

    As for tensions between Iran and Azerbaijan, the Ambassador noted that the U.S. is closely monitoring the situation and is "very concerned about border developments. However, "tensions have subsided" and Iran has taken a number of steps toward normalizing relations with Azerbaijan.

    "We are interested in maintaining stability on Azerbaijani borders, but we are concerned about sharp rise in drug trafficking across the border. We are glad that Azerbaijani customs and border guards detained twice as many drugs this year than the year before. I am very glad that it was done thanks to equipment provided by the United States," the Ambassador emphasized.

    It has to be recalled that the U.S. has provided Azerbaijan with relevant scanners and X-ray machines and other equipment within the framework of the long-term program. They are used not only on the land borders but in the Caspian Sea as well to protect maritime infrastructure and oil platforms. This equipment allows Azerbaijan to protect its coast and its maritime borders, the diplomat stressed. 


    Source - Turan.az


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