04 December 2021 / 13:35 RU

    Armenia 2nd President Kocharyan to Artsakh people: Guarantee of statehood preserving is your will to live on your land

    The second President Armenia and first President of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), Robert Kocharyan, on Thursday issued a congratulatory message to the people of Artsakh on the 30th Independence Day anniversary of the Artsakh Republic.

    "As a result of the 44-day war [last fall], Artsakh suffered heavy losses and is now facing great uncertainties.

    Today, the guarantee of preserving the statehood of Artsakh is your unbreakable will to live on your own land and to develop it.

    I am sure that you realize the seriousness of the situation. Together we must do everything possible to protect the Artsakh Republic," the message reads in part.


    02 September 2021 / 10:59